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New comers - Rentedpoppy - 07-25-2015

To be able to use our forum on your mobile device, you need to install tapatalk from the App Store/Play Store create a tapatalk account and once you are in you can search for "Malboere" it has a clash of clans icon , There after you can subscribe to the forum
choose on the top right hand corner and sign inĀ 
The login is what you registered on reaper website

Remember to star the topics you want to be notified on

And then you are in .. Enjoy and have fun and respect your elders ....Smile)

PS here are some screenshots below

[Image: a79b8392a8244fdc7b0614eae64b7e3e.jpg]

[Image: cc944b3fa7aba6bf3b2af14136bb0338.jpg][Image: 3f753a956fd8455413254bf275a6d248.jpg]

RE: New comers - Rentedpoppy - 07-22-2016

Hi We have closed the Malboere clan and will post the new clan soon

Cool Cool Cool PS when registeringhere there will be some places that is hidden as a guest so best is to register and then it will open a whole new can of whoopass......LOL Smile Smile Smile